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The history of Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury is built on integrity and quality service. Here's how we started, and how we can help you.


Owner Doug Collins grew up on a small farm in Tennessee and graduated the University of Memphis. Doug had determination and a strong work ethic instilled in him by his father. He began working for a trucking company and quickly advanced through its ranks.


Each time he moved he had satisfactory home buying and selling experiences, but Doug noticed that agents who assisted him didn't work to the same level of expectation that his father had taught him. With that in mind, 32 years ago Doug founded his own real estate firm with the goal of making every aspect of the firm the best it could be.

The culture at Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury is an uplifting one, where our team of agents attends to the mantra of People First. Share your experiences and expertise; help your fellow agents when you can, and the entire team benefits. Whether you're a new agent or a veteran, everyone helps each other.


Our company is built on four core values: Loyalty, Integrity, Trust, and Winning Attitude. Rather than try to teach potential agents what these mean, our goal is to find, attract, and select people who already embrace these values.


We want loyal agents who take care of others like family, who have the integrity to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand with thoroughness, accuracy and quality. And we seek out those we can trust to be mutually beneficial and uplifting to our team.


Finally, our agents must want to be a part of a winning team, with a winning attitude. They have to fully commit, and produce real results that help everyone...who want to feel the excitement of being a part of something that flat out works.

What makes us different?

While these four values build the foundation of our company, Doug saw a need among the agents that no other firm addresses; one-on-one coaching. non-competing brokers are available to help guide our agents to keep the quality high.


This is what makes our Value Proposition different from all other firms. "Full-time, non-competing Leadership Team dedicated to the financial and personal growth of our Sales Team."

Our Company Is Built on Four Core Values: Loyalty, Integrity, Trust, and a Winning Attitude

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