10 Secrets of a "High Five" Culture

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10 Secrets of a "High Five" Culture

By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Mar 31 2017 05:05PM

A huge majority of our agents have graduated from the Ninja Selling program. This is one of the most successful selling techniques I have ever learned, and I encourage all of our new agents to attend a Ninja Installation. The creator of the technique--which involves a change of mindset where agents "attract" clients rather than "prospecting " for them--recently published a wonderful article that outlines what a successful agent is all about. Here's Larry Kendall's premise: The average annua lU.S. household income is a $56,516. For the top 5% of households, it's $159,619. Do you aspire to be a High Five Percenter?? The average Ninja graduate statistically earns well above the "average" agent in his/her market. Numbers don't lie. Let us tell you more about our Ninja-based training!

Here are the attributes of a High Five Percenter: (and I quote or paraphrase Larry below...)

!. MINDSET: Players versus victims. These agents have a growth mindset and believe they can figure this business out and be successful if the work hard enough.

2. HUNGRY: Success takes effort. Agents who hunger to succeed and have the work ethic to get there are High Five Percenters.

3. CHARACTER: High Five Percenters are likeable people who tell the truth and do what they say. They are trusted advisors, not merely salespeople.

4. EMPATHY: These agents have as one of their key attributes the social skills to pick up on the subtle nuances and the feelings of another.

5. FLOW: Flow fixes everything! Real estate is a contact sport. High Fivers are in the flow (face to face or voice to voice) with at least 50 people a week---for some of them, it's 50 people a day! They use technology, but tend not to spend a lot of time looking at screens.

And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for five more attributes of a High Fiver. Are you one! Are you ready to join a company that can train you to hone these already-present skills? If so, give us a call!!!

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