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By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Mar 31 2017 05:48PM

We're thrilled to have Neil Hubbard return to the Collins-Maury leadership team. He's shown here at the recent Ninja Selling Retreat with owner Doug Collins. Welcome home, Neil!

By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Mar 31 2017 05:05PM

A huge majority of our agents have graduated from the Ninja Selling program. This is one of the most successful selling techniques I have ever learned, and I encourage all of our new agents to attend a Ninja Installation. The creator of the technique--which involves a change of mindset where agents "attract" clients rather than "prospecting " for them--recently published a wonderful article that outlines what a successful agent is all about. Here's Larry Kendall's premise: The average annua lU.S. household income is a $56,516. For the top 5% of households, it's $159,619. Do you aspire to be a High Five Percenter?? The average Ninja graduate statistically earns well above the "average" agent in his/her market. Numbers don't lie. Let us tell you more about our Ninja-based training!

Here are the attributes of a High Five Percenter: (and I quote or paraphrase Larry below...)

!. MINDSET: Players versus victims. These agents have a growth mindset and believe they can figure this business out and be successful if the work hard enough.

2. HUNGRY: Success takes effort. Agents who hunger to succeed and have the work ethic to get there are High Five Percenters.

3. CHARACTER: High Five Percenters are likeable people who tell the truth and do what they say. They are trusted advisors, not merely salespeople.

4. EMPATHY: These agents have as one of their key attributes the social skills to pick up on the subtle nuances and the feelings of another.

5. FLOW: Flow fixes everything! Real estate is a contact sport. High Fivers are in the flow (face to face or voice to voice) with at least 50 people a week---for some of them, it's 50 people a day! They use technology, but tend not to spend a lot of time looking at screens.

And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for five more attributes of a High Fiver. Are you one! Are you ready to join a company that can train you to hone these already-present skills? If so, give us a call!!!

By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Dec 9 2016 07:31PM

If you're interested in a career in real estate, the first thing you will need to do is sign up for a pre-licensing class. In Tennessee, you will need to complete and pass 90 hours of class before you can receive your license. The first course entails 60 hours of instruction in basic real estate--after which you can sit for the exam. There is a second course of 30 hours. You can take these courses online (go to and look under the Education Tab for real estate schools) or you can have an old-fashioned classroom experience, which is what I did.

You must affiliate with a real estate company before you receive your license. This is where I come in. We are looking for new (and experienced) agents, and we go through an interview process to see if your core values and goals align with ours, creating a situation where you can prosper in real estate rather than be left to fend for yourself. (Yes, that happens. Just ask other agents: most companies do not have full-time brokers to answer your critical questions at that crucial time--when is usually immediately!)

The best thing to do is call me before you even get into real estate school, and we'll go over the costs associated with becoming licensed, the state and local board fees, etc. Then you will know what is expected of you--both financially and in the classroom--before you begin.

Real estate is a wonderful career, and has been terrific for me since I began in 2007. It could become a great career for you, too. Let's discuss it! 901-258-2998

How Do I Get Started in Real Estate
How Do I Get Started in Real Estate

By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Nov 14 2016 10:19PM

Good agents come from all walks of life and bring with them many different personalities. If you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent but you’re unsure because you’re a more “reserved” person than “outgoing”—don’t let that stop you! One of the best brokers I’ve worked with has a “reserved” personality, and she is a lifetime Multi-Million Dollar member! Here are the things that she does have, and that you’d need to succeed: Determination, a desire to be an entrepreneur and control your destiny, and the love of learning and adapting in an ever-changing market.

If this sounds like you, please give me a call. I’d love to talk to you about your goals and dreams—and see if real estate is the career choice for you.

By Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Oct 31 2016 07:08PM

Are you thinking of a career in real estate? What are the characteristics of a successful real estate agent? I read a great article today entitled the “Top Ten Traits of a Real Estate Agent” on the Kaplan Real Estate webpage. Here’s what this article had to say, and I think it was spot on. (I've added my own explanations after each trait.) Look carefully: do you see yourself here? If you do, I'd love to talk to you! Marla Pennington 901-258-2998

#10: Problem Solver Mindset. A successful agent is good at coming up with creative solutions to problems or issues. They recognize a potential problem as a challenge, and defuze it before it escalates into a deal-breaker.

#9: Self-motivated entrepreneur. Good agents create a sustainable marketing plan, and treat their business like a business, not like a hobby.

#8: Honesty and Integrity. Your reputation will follow you, and if you are not careful, it will haunt you! Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury requires you to become a member of MAAR (the Memphis Area Asso of Realtors) TAR (Tn Asso of Realtors) and NAR (National Asso of Realtors. These trade organizations adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. In fact, one of our company Core Values is Integrity. We believe in maintaining a professional conduct and exhibiting integrity in all of your business dealings.

#7: Hustle and tenacity. "Being a top producing real estate agent requires a great work ethic. You must have the tenacity to pursue every lead and the hustle to aggressively market you clients' properties in order to have success. It's not just about putting in a olot of tine--it's about working smart, putting in the right amount of time, and doing whatever is necessary to close the deal."

#6: Interest in houses and architecture. Many agents have interest, but not real knowledge of architecture. You must learn about the types of homes in your area, and be knowledgeable about their style and function.

#5. Engaging personality. Good real estate agents have to be able to sell themselves! They need to be able to talk easily with their friends and clients about their chosen profession.

#4. Attention to detail. "A complete real estate agent is attentive to the unique needs of their individual clients. If you are organized, follow up with leads, communicate well, and pay attention to the needs of your clients, you will close more deals."

#3. Understand the local housing market. Great agents understand their market. New agents learn the stats, preview homes for sale, and study market trends so they can speak knowledgeably to potential clients about the local market.

#2. Build a network of connections. We''ll have later blogs on this crucial topic. You can't do it alone. You need a cadre of reliable connections to help you soar in your career.

#1. Knowledge is power. As business coach Jo mangum says, "Learners are earners." Read the best business books, go to real estate seminars, study with the best of the best by viewing their videos and following their blog posts/podcasts. Successful real estate agents understand that knowledge is power! Our training and personal coaching at Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury attests to the fact that we firmly believe in this principal!

Hope you enjoyed reading about these ten traits! Have a great week in real estate!

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